Changes to DPS handbook focus on traffic stops

Driving in Wichita Falls
Driving in Wichita Falls

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Changes are being made to the Texas Department of Public Safety Driver Handbook. One is to keep law enforcement safe.

It includes suggestions on what drivers should do, and how they should act when pulled over.

"Answer the officer's questions, have information ready to go or wait until the officer asks you for your insurance," Texas State Trooper Sergeant, Dan Buesing said.

Students will also be taught to keep their hands on the wheel and let the officers know where everything is in the car.

Alpha Omega Driving Academy in Wichita Falls teaches monthly drivers education classes. The owner, Wendell Carroll, said these are things they already teach.

"We have a police officer come in every month who talks to the kids about etiquette when they're being pulled over and stopped for any violation," Carroll said.

The reason for the change is to keep law enforcement safe on traffic stops with the recent rise in police involved shootings.

"Officers, just like any public servant, have to take care of themselves because they got families too," Carroll said.

Sgt. Buesing believes it is important for all young drivers to learn this basic information.

"If they have a positive reaction and positive interaction with any law enforcement officer, it's definitely a good thing because they're going to spread the word on their experience," Sgt. Buesing said.

Carroll thinks the change will make a big impact.

"Anything that's going to help the police officers or the community and people understand the new laws is a great deal for us," Carroll said.

Those changes to the curriculum are coming from Senate Bill 30, which was part of the most recent legislative session. For more information on all the changes to the handbook, click here.

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