Confederate flag flies over a Texoma towns campground

HOLLIDAY, TX (KAUZ) - A Confederate flag has been flying at a Texoma campground for at least the last four days.

Holliday Police first noticed the flag flying on the city's entrusted Stonewall Jackson Campground on Monday but no one including the police knows who put it up.

So far according to Holliday's city secretary, there have been no complaints from members of the public about the newly added flag.

The Stonewall Jackson Campground has been around for more than 100 years but in 1963 the city's mayor approved a resolution that would make the Holliday City Council members of the Stonewall Jackson Campground board of trustees.

Because of the way the resolution was written any new or current councilperson becomes a member of the SJC board of trustees by default.

While the city does sometimes hold or approves for groups to hold events within the campground, Holliday's city secretary made clear that no city staff or SJC board member helped raise and fly the newly unfolded Confederate flag.

While many who live and run businesses in Holliday requested not to be recorded for comment on camera discussing the issue at least two people told Newschannel 6 they see no issue with the flag being raised.

With one of them adding they believe anyone who is offended by the flag bearing what's commonly known as the 'Stars and Bars' is choosing to be offended.

Newschannel 6 reached out to the City of Holliday for an official statement and were told public workers were unable to speak on such matters adding that the mayor and members of the city council would also be unable to comment.

However, they did tell us that as of now no action has been taken or is scheduled to be taken to remove or replace the flag in the near future. For now, it remains raised and flying.

The Holliday City Secretary confirmed that if any action were to be taken about what to do with the flag on the campground it wouldn't happen until the next SJC Board of Trustees meeting. The city was unable to define exactly when that next meeting would take place. 

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