Wichita Falls could see a third ride-share company

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A third ride-share company is rolling into Wichita Falls. MyRide TX is a family owned business that focuses on safety.

Managing partner of MyRideTX, Steve Wright, says because it's a family owned business, the cost for riders should be competitive.

"In most markets, we're actually going to be charging less than the other companies and because we keep less, drivers, in the end, will actually make more," Wright said.

For that reason, students at Midwestern State are welcoming the news.

"We have a lot of students in from the Caribbean and people who live out of town who don't necessarily have cars so for them to be able to have a way to get around versus riding the bus and relying on friends. It gives them another way to do that than relying on other people," Connie Ginnings said.

"I'm from Plano, back in the Metroplex, so everyone there has got a ride. They have that kind of service and I think it would be helpful here," David Ahle said.

"So I think it would be interesting to have that kind of service here and also I know a lot of friends that would like a job that's flexible and I feel like that would be flexible," Chappell Whyms said.

Wright said they hope to launch MyRide TX in the next three to four weeks. Those who are interested in becoming a driver can apply on its website.

A face to face interview is required for every new driver and there will also be an in-person inspection of the vehicle the driver will be using.

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