Texoma Dreamer's future remains uncertain

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Texoma Dreamers and Hispanic community leaders called the start of September a roller coaster ride. Some wonder if and when a deal will be reached to replace DACA.

Yoselin Gonzalez, 18, a Midwestern State University student and Dreamer said the timing of the negotiations has left her life in limbo.

Gonzalez moved to the US from Guadalajara, Mexico in 2002 at the age of two, on her mother's visa.

"[My mom] started working and we overstayed it but it is not because we wanted to be here, things happened," Gonzalez said. "She wanted to make a better life for us."

She became a DACA recipient in January of this year which allowed her to attend school. Her initial hope was to become a nurse practitioner.

"It's just that feeling like you won the lottery," Gonzalez said. "[It makes] you feel like everyone else."

Her future became uncertain when DACA was rescinded last week by President Donald Trump.

She stated her future has become more confusing after recent White House DACA negotiations on the program.

"All you can do is pray and just hope that Congress and [President] Donald Trump makes a good decision," Gonzalez said.

She does not regret her decision to step out of the shadows and become a DACA recipient.

"The last few months have been possibly the greatest months of my life," Gonzalez said. "This summer I got to apply for college and it's just been good."

Her motivation to finish college and get a job is to support her mother, the person who sacrificed everything to support her family.

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