"Science Cafe" event shows off MSU's science and math department


WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Faculty members with MSU's science and math department spent Thursday afternoon showing off what they do at the first ever "Science Cafe" held at Frank and Joe's in Wichita Falls.

Three members of the department presented what they do to a group of nearly 60 people.

Organizers for the event say they got the idea for this from the huge turnout they received for the lunar eclipse last month.

"There's a niche out there that we can fill where people want to know more about science and they want to participate in science as well," Dr. Marcy Brown, Dean of the College of Science and Math said. "So this gives the chance for people to come out and be, continue that science education beyond what they're doing in a classroom and sort of think about what people are really doing in the real world in science," she added.

Those in attendance were able to learn about Geo-Sciences, Chemistry, and Mathematics from those faculty speaking.

Dr. Brown-Marsden says more Science Cafe events will be planned in the future.

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