New CEC expands classes for students

Career Education Center
Career Education Center
Career Education Center
Career Education Center

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Hundreds of people walked the halls of the new $38 million dollar Wichita Falls Independent School District Career Education Center Thursday.

They offer 26 different classes like welding, cosmetology, and culinary.

Aliyah Dehoyos is one of the students taking classes.

She knew she wanted to be an engineer since she was in fourth grade after a group of engineers came to her school to visit for career day.

She is now a senior taking robotics and engineering classes and what she has learned is endless.

"We have programmed, we have taken apart a robot, we have learned how to build a robot arm," said Dehoyos.  "It is basically progress in every situation so even though I'm in 12th grade I'm still progressing."

The new center has areas where students can study and work on projects.

"They are already more engaged than they were than at the last facility," said Jeff Davis, a teacher at the CEC.

This extra space allows more classes like medical and even a news studio.

Many of them being taught by people who are currently in that particular career field.

"There is a plethora of of experience throughout the entire building that many students weren't given the opportunity until we all met here at one central area," said Davis.

One class excited to see the changes, is the cosmetology department.

"We each have our own individual stations now we don't have to share them anymore so it's nice," said Nianicole Spence, a junior.

"I think it's cool because we didn't get to experience this last year and it's just different," said Makayla White, a junior.

Dehoyos is glad to be apart of the new school and the progress being made.

"We have added a lot more programs like nursing the technical things over here and it's been amazing for the students," said Dehoyos.

Thursday at the open house a $25,000 grant from a local engineering company was given to the engineering and robotics class.

They are going to use that money to buy another robot to use in class

More than 1,200 students take classes  at the CEC every day.

A number teachers there hope to see grow in the future.

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