Downtown business owners put community over competition

(Source: KAUZ)
(Source: KAUZ)

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - While plans for a grocery store at 922 Indiana in downtown Wichita Falls are being bagged, an old-fashioned soda fountain parlor is still in the works.

Tuesday the City Council is expected to make a change to the project's contract since a grocery store is no longer a part of the plans.

Mayor Stephen Santellana said the owners are going to concentrate on other aspects of the business first, adding their grocery store expert is no longer with them.

When asked how the city feels about the change, the Mayor said it is not a big issue. However, this does not mean we will not be seeing a grocery store downtown.

Sisters, Jen Amador and D'Ann Delcoure, who run 8th Street Coffee House are expanding and said a small grocery store is coming soon. They stress their addition is not about rivalry.

"I don't think that we are competing against each other," said Jen Amador. "I think we all realize the more that there is to offer down here, the better chance that someone will come down here," said Jen Amador.

The duo has been downtown for about five years. Like many who set up shop in this area, they said it is all about teamwork. Delcoure said the owner of Odd Duck Coffee on 7th Street summed it up best.

"She said something about community over competition because we all want to see each other thrive down here because we want to stay," she said.

Thrive is what these businesswomen are hoping to do by expanding their coffee shop next door and adding that small corner grocery, a bakery, additional seating and a stage for live music.

Amador said with more residential buildings popping up, like the 28 apartments being built right above their soon to be addition to 8th Street Coffee, they are hoping to provide something for those who call downtown home.

"There is nothing down here to just grab a quick bite to eat or something to make dinner," said Amador.

She adds their store will have local goods, bread, milk and some other items. However, they say the need for a large grocery store will still be there.

"It would be really beneficial to downtown to have a full grocery store down here and especially something that is not a chain, there will eventually be a need for it," said Amador.

She adds all of the businesses in this area are locally owned and those owners are all working toward the same goal.

"To support ourselves and our families and the community," said Amador.

The sisters are expecting to be finished with the expansion, and of course open that corner store, sometime this November.

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