Texas Oklahoma fair goes out with a bang

WICHITA FALLS, TX - The Texas Oklahoma fair may be over, but it wrapped up this afternoon with a bang.

Texas Smoke and Guns hosted a cowboy mounted shooting event Saturday and Sunday at the J.S. Bridwell Agriculture Center.

The sport is one of the fastest growing equine sports in the lone star state.

The event works by running your horse through an obstacle course with a revolver and popping balloons along the course.

The person who can complete the course fastest wins.

The president of the club says people of all ages participate in the event.

"Once you get out there and do it it's a pure adrenaline rush," said Lou Ciferni president of the club.  "Once you do it you're hooked once we get people on a horse and shoot off the horse and compete it's a long time before they give up."

Cowboys and girls from as far as Mississippi came out today to take part in the competition.

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