Wichita Falls passes 2018 budget

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Tax rates are not going up for those who live in Wichita Falls after the 2018 budget was passed by city councilors.

The $174 million budget is up six percent from last year's in large part to a planned project.

The city budgeted $3.5 million for phase two of the Kemp Monroe Drainage Project.

There will be an increase in water supply because of the Indirect Potable Reuse Project.

No taxes or services will increase for residents for the second straight year.

Deputy City Manager, Jim Dockery, said he feels pretty good about this year's budget.

"I think we provided a good financial plan for next year that continues a high-quality level of services we feel like we provide," Dockery said.

He said he is disappointed they were unable to provide they pay increases they wanted to for employees, but the current pay structure will stay in place.

Dockery said those decisions are tough, but there are always more requests than funds available.

"With funding being where it is, we have to prioritize those and try to align those projects and programs with the goals of the city council that they recently adopted," Dockery said.

He said they prioritized their decisions based on city council's goals that came out of their strategic planning session.

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