New business brewing in Nocona

Nocona Beer and Brewery
Nocona Beer and Brewery
Nocona Beer and Brewery
Nocona Beer and Brewery

NOCONA, TX (KAUZ) - A new business in Nocona will open its doors for the first time Saturday.

Nocona Beer and Brewery serves up a local brew, but not without some hard work along the way.

It started as a dream for Ken Kollmeyer to open up a brewery in Nocona.

In April, after a trip to Alaska and visiting craft breweries there, he wanted to open something locally. He was able to find that space at the Nocona boot factory.

"I came back up here looking for a place," said Kollmeyer. "I said to the owners 'oh you have a food bank what do you think about doing a brewery?'  She jumped up and said 'Yes let's go!'"

The next step was turning the space into a brewery. Building owner Leigha Morgan said it was a challenge they were willing to take on.

"It was dark, dingy, and dirty," said Morgan. "It was full of dirt and bugs and we endured that to cast the vision for Ken and his wife."

Crews knocked out walls and recreated the original windows to turn what was once a closed off space to a light and airy brewery.

This is one of the biggest projects the boot company has taken on so far and they wanted to keep the building as original as possible.

That's why they used a lot of the same brick used to build it in the 1930s.

"We have reassembled it to the best of our ability to how it was back then," said Kollmeyer.

Another thing they wanted to add was handcrafted furniture from people in Nocona and surrounding areas. They built tables out of old light poles and the 60-foot bar from a tree.

Kollmeyer hopes his creation will be appreciated by the customers.

"It's a wonderful addition for the city of Nocona," said Kollmeyer.  "I really do believe it."

Nocona Beer and Brewery will have their soft opening Saturday for tours. Their equipment is not ready to serve beer yet, but they hope it starts flowing soon.

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