WFISD kids creating their own circuits

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A new program is teaching WFISD students from third to fifth grade everything from coding to robotics, electronics, and circuitry.

Jamie Morgan is a certified Google trainer and the Talented and Gifted Instructional Specialist.  Morgan pours out what like little Lego block pieces onto the student's table called "little bits."  Morgan describes them as Legos on a more intense level with electronics and circuits.

"Instead of leading them step by step through creating one, I wanted to give them the opportunity to learn through discovery," said Morgan.

The students can catch on quick connecting the bits and realizing their possible potential.  The students learn the different inputs and outputs and create and control various functions like creating sound, light, data, or even a motor.

"So, when they learn the foundation, then it opens the world to be able to build major creations," said Morgan.

The students are broken up into groups and asked to create their own custom circuit.  Once the students create, they also can capture and post it online to their own custom created Seesaw app page.  The students might not realize it, but Morgan explains the students are creating their own personal robotics-based portfolios.

"We have a really great learning community working together through the Seesaw platform.  Our kids today are commenting on videos that kids from Monday did, and it's amazing," said Morgan.

The app not only allows the students to share and review the creations, but also gives parents insight into their classroom curriculum.

"It's helping our parents because our parents like to see what we are doing, and when they ask you, 'Hey what did you do today?' you don't just have to say, 'My day was good I did stuff,' you know," says student Rylee Styles.

To learn more about WFISD and the Seesaw app, click HERE!

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