Texomans worried for families in Mexico

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The recent earthquake that devastated most of Mexico is impacting Texomans as several are left waiting to hear from family members.

Leslie Alvarado, a Midwestern State University student, waited with her mother to hear from her family living in Mexico City.

Her grandparents were walking on the streets of the nation's capital when the earthquake hit.

"They literally saw the world coming to an end basically because of the earthquake and how hard it was," Alvarado said. "The ceiling started crumbling on top of people and the windows shattered," Alvarado said.

Her grandparents witnessed a block of cement landing on a woman but no one was able to help as they feared for their own safety.

She did not hear from her family in Mexico until Tuesday.

"We saw the news and all that's going on, all the stories and we started making assumptions," Alvarado said. "We just probably scared ourselves more than needed."

The emotion of hearing her family's voices overwhelmed her mother, knowing they were safe.

"When I saw my mom cry, it kind of just hit me personally and that's when I broke down a little bit."

Her grandparent's home is still standing despite some damage it took. They are planning on visiting her next Summer.

"I'm probably going to cry even more," Alvarado said. "Last time they got lost so we started making signs but this time I'm going to jump in their arms and freak out."

Her grandparents are considering taking in some of their neighbors who have lost everything in the disaster.

Alvarado said many of her friends still have not heard from family in Mexico. She said all they can do is comfort each other.

If you would like to help, you can go here to these non-profits to donate: Project Paz and Global Giving.

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