Parents double-checking their child's seat

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Saturday was the last day of Child Hazard Safety Week and in Wichita Falls United Regional and TxDOT were checking child seats for worried parents.

Matthew Thomas said he is always trying to keep his baby girl, Phenix Thomas, safe.

"This is my first child," Thomas said. "She is the love of my life and I make sure she stays safe that's why I came out here."

Thomas and several other parents went to the event hosted by United Regional and TxDOT. The hospital formed Kids Injury Prevention program (KIP) after receiving a grant.

"We're trying to help families with their precious cargo, their kiddos, making sure they're buckled up properly, using their harnesses properly and if they're in the right seat for their size," Tish Beaver TxDOT Traffic Safety Specialist said.

Event holders also replaced car seats involved in accidents or recalled with new ones.

Thomas said he now knows how to properly strap up Phenix.

"The straps needed to be below the shoulder. I always thought on top of the shoulder."

He learned while she ran around and played.

"It helps because of her being more secure."

The new strap-in method could save her life.

"We want a chest clip up here [on the chest] where her bones are and not low where there's any soft tissue [near her belly button] where internal damage can happen," Beaver said.

As a first-time parent, Thomas said he still gets advice from the best mentor he knows, his mother. She advised him to attend the event.

"Mom knows best," Thomas said.

Parents who could not make it out on Saturday can still get their seat checked by calling United Regional or TxDot and scheduling an appointment.

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