Local mentorship program needs more volunteers

Local mentorship program needs more volunteers

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Pins were knocked down Sunday to raise money for the Big Brothers Big Sisters to continue their mission of serving youth in the community.

16 teams each raising at least $500 laced up their bowling shoes for the program.

The goal Sunday was to raise $15,000.

The event had bowling, games, and even door prizes.

All of the money raised goes back into helping make matches for bigs and littles.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is needing more volunteers..

Currently, there are more than 100 kids on a waiting list for a mentor.

Those already in the mentorship program said it has left an influence on their life.

One of those matches is Jessica Cartright and Myah Hernandez who were paired up over one year ago.

"She is just a really awesome nine year old girl that is completely opposite of me," said Cartwright.  "She defines herself as a girly girl and I am not a girly girl so to be able to have those experiences together and to be able to just teach and learn together."

"We went to her house and made brownies and I got to meet her cat and her dog," said Hernandez.  "We went to Chuck E. Cheese, we went to the lake, and she came to my school and ate lunch with me."

"There are so many people in town that understand the value of mentoring a child and how just a few hours a month can make a difference in a child's life," said Kem Hogue, regional executive director for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Organizers said they have not had to worry about meeting their goal because of the support from the community.

They expect that they will meet their goal again this year.

If you want to get involved with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, click here.

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