Local golfer advances in PGA web.com tour

Local golfer advances in PGA web.com tour

LAWTON, OK (KAUZ) - A Southwest Oklahoma golfer Is one step closer to making his dreams of playing in the PGA, a reality.

24 year old Cullen Stahl, an Eisenhower graduate, placed 2nd at the pre-qualifier tournament in California to get his web-dot-com tour card. Now he has three more tournaments to attend before he gets his card to potentially move on and play in the pro's.

With every swing, Cullen Stahl plays like he's already in the big leagues. He says it's always been his dream since he picked up a golf club….getting his web-dot-com tour card and moving on to play in the pro's.

"It will mean everything," said Stahl. "It will give me a full season in 2018 to play a full schedule and have a commitment to every tournament and a possibility of getting my tour card for next year on the PGA tour."

Even when he doesn't do his best, he's never given up.

"It's such a frustrating game sometimes," said Stahl. "Sometimes we all hate it and sometimes we just want to quit. I guess it's that one solid shot that brings us back, you know. Just getting better and better each and every day."

Stahl practice almost every day at The Territory in Duncan. He says it's taken a lot of hard work and learning from the ups and downs to get to where he is today.

"It's a slow process," said Stahl. "You've got to stay humble because a lot of the time you can get ahead of yourself and jumping to conclusions, but other than that, it's just kind of a slow process where you're preparing yourself."

He has some words of wisdom for the other golfers, especially those in Southwest Oklahoma hoping to follow in his footsteps.

"Just to keep working hard and showing extreme dedication," said Stahl. "It doesn't matter where you come from or even who you come from. It's just your time, your practice time and what you put into it is what you're going to get out of it."

Stahl will play in the first stage of the web-dot-com tournament in the Woodlands, Texas October 10 through the 13.

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