Vernon code inspections looking into couple's fraud claim

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A Texoma couple claims they have fallen victim to fraud.

A Vernon family said they paid a private certified contractor to do some electrical work on their home that was not done properly.

They want to warn others about not only the money they lost but also of the danger the faulty work they say has put their family in.

"We just moved here about a year ago," said Christina Donelson.

But the Donelson's have still been unable to settle into their humble abode.

For example, they believe they can't turn their kitchen light and fan on without risking a fire danger.

Sparks and constant clicking begin if two many switches are turned on at the same time.

"We found out that we had gotten frauded back in the first week of August. We went to the city inspector to find out about permits being pulled on our home because we had a bunch of electrical problems. The city inspector told us that there were no permits that had been pulled," Donelson said.

Christina Donelson said it made her sick to her stomach because the electrician charged them $1,000 on the contract for extended labor and supplies permits after an initial charge of $2,200 down.

But the Donelson's claim they didn't just lose their money.

"He's put us in harm's way because we can't run things without them sparking up or flickering," said Garran Donelson.

The city of Vernon has claimed it is considering the Donelson's situation and that an investigation is underway.

Newschannel 6 reached out to the contractor for an on-camera interview but the electrician declined.

However, he did claim that the Donelson's cries for fraud are the first he's ever received and that he does everything by the book.

If you would like to report a complaint to the BBB you can contact the BBB North Central Texas by clicking here.

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