Heavy rain floods roads in Punkin Center


PUNKIN CENTER, TX (KAUZ) - Heavy rain caused some roads to flood in Punkin Center Tuesday night.

One of the hardest hit areas was State Highway 25 between Brosch Road and 240. That road was completely underwater.

Chief Matthew McAlister, with the Punkin Center Volunteer Fire Department, said the water rushing over the roadway was coming from China Creek.

He said that area floods quite frequently and Tuesday afternoon a driver got stuck and had to have his vehicle pulled out of the water.

"That vehicle tried to make it through earlier and it wasn't even this deep," said Chief McAlister." We were on the other side of the water at the station and we looked down here and saw it, but we had to go all the way to town and come back up the highway because all the other side roads are flooded. "

Chief McAlister said these flooded roadways are forcing first responders to take alternative routes for medical calls and emergencies. He said the added time is a safety issue.

The driver of that vehicle is doing fine. When he returned to his car and he said he did not think the water was that deep.

Just a few miles away on County Line Road water rushed under a bridge, but that road was still passable.

Another problem area is on 240 West and Old Lake Road. Early Tuesday flood waters were up to the railing of the bridge on that road.

There are barricades blocking off State Highway 25 between Brosch Road and 240.

Chief McAlister warns drivers if they see a barricade do not go around it because you never know how deep the water is.

He adds it is not only dangerous to go around barricades but illegal.

TxDOT officials want to remind drivers to not go through water in contact with downed power lines, and if you have to drive through standing water, to check your brakes afterward to make sure they are functioning properly.

According to TxDOT State Highway 25 at China Creek from Brosch Road to State Highway 240 will be closed through until Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. unless notified otherwise.

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