Bowie ISD works to end hunger in the classroom

BOWIE, TX (KAUZ) - A Texoma school district is working on a new program to help feed its students.

More than 850,000 people in North Texas are food insecure, according to North Texas Food Bank.

Bowie ISD is creating food pantries at its school campuses to store leftover food and feed hungry students.

The district created several programs to reach that goal such as giving free breakfasts to all 1,700 students on its four campuses and offering free or reduced lunches to students who meet certain income requirements.

"At the elementary level, our teachers are keeping the [breakfast leftovers] throughout the day so the students can have a snack during the day if they want it," Bowie ISD Superintendent Steven Monkres said. "We have school districts contacting us all the time about ideas that they want us to share with them about our child nutrition department."

"If a student is hungry and they still have it in their classroom, a pantry, they'll tell the teacher and the teacher will go get it for them and they'll have a snack," Wayne Walker Bowie ISD Director of Support Services said.

The school already has a similar program to a food pantry in place called Community Tables. Students can leave any food or drinks they do not want on the community table so another student can enjoy it.

"If they wanted extra, they can go get it and not have to go through the line again and pay for something else," Walker said.

Monkres said the school district is working on helping feed their city, outside of school, by giving any remaining leftovers to the Bowie Mission.

The school district is a bronze award recipient in the Healthier US School Challenge: Smarter Classrooms.

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