City of Wichita Falls to give away compost

City of Wichita Falls to give away compost

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - If you participate in the City of Wichita Falls 'Choose to Reuse' program you can receive a free load of compost at the Wichita Falls Organics Facility.

The Sanitation Department's Fall Compost Giveaway is on Saturday, October 7 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at the landfill on Wiley Road.

The compost will be loaded for participants with a limit of one pickup truck or 4x8 trailer load per person.

Participants must show a water bill showing the $3.00 recycling program charge. All loads must be covered.

No dump trucks, commercial vehicles or over-sized trailers will be loaded.

Directions to the landfill are: take Seymour Highway Southwest toward Seymour to Highway 258, located at the Kamay "Y," proceed West on Highway 258 toward Kamay approximately one mile to Wiley Road and turn right (North) travel two miles and you will see the entrance to the landfill.

Uses for Compost

Compost contains nutrients but is not a substitute for fertilizers.  Compost holds nutrients in the soil where all plants can use them, loosens and aerates clay soils, and retains water in sandy soils.

Water Conservation

Compost improves the soil's moisture holding capacity and reduces water loss. It's a creative way to conserve water and it keeps your lawn, trees, flowers, and gardens looking fresh and colorful.

As a Soil Amendment

Mix two to five inches of compost into vegetable and flower gardens each year before planting.

As a Potting Mixture

Add one part compost to two parts commercial potting soil, or make your own mixture by using equal parts of compost and sand or perlite.

As a Mulch

Spread an inch or two of compost around annual flowers and vegetables, and up to six inches around trees and shrubs.

As a Top Dressing

Mix finely, sifted compost with sand and sprinkle evenly over lawns.

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