Hometown Pride Tour: Burkburnett Library

BURKBURNETT, TX (KAUZ) - If you walk into the Burkburnett Library on any given morning, you will see and hear excitement buzzing from all ages.

Pamela Miller is the director of the library. She started going as a little girl and after retiring from teaching took on a position at the library.

"It used to be libraries were places where people came and checked out books," said Miller.  "They would sit quietly, read, and do research."

50 years later, the library evolved to more than just checking out books.

"We do programs for children, we do programs for our teens, and our tweens," said Miller.  "It is a place where people can come and it's so important because they come and they gather and they learn about each other."

The facility has expanded offering books, movies, and now even E-books to help keep up with the times.

"Libraries aren't just for learning they're for social engagement and have a fun experience," said Dan Roberts, a member of the "Friends of the Library" organization.

With libraries across the country closing their doors, Roberts isn't worried about this small town place of community.

"The public could think that libraries are like dinosaurs they're going to become extinct or go the way of dinosaurs but really if they stay engaged and relevant and change to meet the current times, they will not ever disappear," said Roberts.

The library is still expanding. Its current project is expanding the patio for outdoor events. They hope to have that completed by spring.

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