Rivers and lakes impacted by recent rain

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Monday night, water was about a foot below the swing bridge that spans the Wichita River at Lucy Park.

Tuesday, water sits anywhere from five to eight feet below the bridge after water levels dropped throughout the day.

Debris covered the bridge and a few large tree branches even broke loose the chain linked fencing that runs along the bridge.

Tuesday morning the fence had been repaired and the bridge cleaned. River water even made its way into the low-lying areas of Lucy Park when the river was at its highest.

You can still see the water line where some of that red muddy water colored the grass for a bit and debris in the park as well.

Across Wichita Falls at Lake Wichita, last week's heavy rain has filled the lake to capacity. Four days after the rain stopped, water continues to rush over the spillway.

While Wichita Falls didn't see a lot of rainfall, areas in western Wichita County and eastern Wilbarger County did.

That rain ran into Beaver Creek near Electra and emptied into the Wichita River allowing the river to rise after the rain had stopped.

Even the Red River rose to action stage but crest before making it into minor flood stage. Area lakes got a boost as well with many lakes rising a few feet.

Lake Arrowhead got a small boost but is still below normal. Meanwhile, in Montague County, Lake Amon Carter jumped above normal after last week's rain.

More rain is expected Tuesday night into Wednesday so that's going to keep water levels of local lakes and rivers high over the next couple of days.

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