Texoma law enforcement connects with community


WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - Texoma families and law-enforcement are teaming up to make our neighborhoods a safer place to live.

Tuesday was National Night Out. The event's goal is to strengthen the police-community relationship.

Dozens came out to the Kamay Community Center and got to know local first responders.

Many said following the latest tragedy in Las Vegas, a night like this is important to show people that law enforcement is on their side.

"We all feel for such a tragedy like that cause it can happen anywhere," said Sergeant Dan Buesing, with the Texas Department of Public Safety. "First responders and law enforcement are such a vital part of every community, and so it's nice to come out and get to shake hands and visit."

Sgt. Buesing said now more than ever, this event is necessary. Giving those who protect and serve a chance to connect with the people.

"To let each person know that law enforcement and first responders are just regular people we have families just like anybody else," said Sgt. Buesing.

He said it gives them a chance to bond and have a good time over some nice food and fellowship.

A handful of agencies took part in the event like the Texas Game Warden, Wichita County Sheriff's Office, Kamay Volunteer Fire Department and the Wichita County Emergency Management Office.

"The neighbors they get to know us, the watch groups get to know us," said Deputy Brien Conner, with the Wichita County Sheriff's Office. "That way if they have any issues then they can come to us and they feel comfortable coming up to us and sharing this information,"

Residents also got to know their neighbors and learned how to get involved in their community watch program.

"I didn't realize that it worked for people out here in the country," said Karen Anderson, who lives in Kamay. "It's just so everybody's aware of what's going on, we pretty much watch out for each other anyway."

Deputy Conner said strong bonds in neighborhoods is something criminals cannot defeat.

Residents also learned some safety tips like always being alert and aware of your surroundings. Police add something as simple as calling crime stoppers to share tips can also be a big help.

The kiddos, on the other hand, focused on having a good time.
"It's just fun to be out here and meet people," said Royce Horton.

Holdyn Berry and his dad came to Kamay all the way from Oklahoma.

"I looked at the helicopter, and the swat truck, and the firefighter truck," said Holdyn.

He said he loves police officers because they help people and have fast cars.

This was not the only National Night Out held in Texoma on Tuesday.

There were also events at Chesterfield House Apartments and the Stone Lake community in Wichita Falls to name a few.

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