It's National Adopt a Shelter Dog month

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Now more than ever Wichita Falls four-legged friends are hoping to find a forever home.

Matthew Sickman, came to Wichita Falls animal services center looking to add a new pet.

"Our almost four-year-old son has been wanting an animal that can sleep with him because our dog is too big for him," Sickman said.

Sickman said he chooses to adopt because he does not trust dog breeders and dislikes the fact that they focus more on selling than finding the dog a forever home.

Katrena Mitchell Hamberger, Animal Services Administrator, said their intake numbers are down a little bit.

"On average, every month we get a little over 200 dogs here," Hamberger said. "They are brought in by the animal control officers as well as citizens who live here in Wichita Falls."

October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog month. Cheryl Miller, Director of the Wichita County Humane Society, said adopting a dog is a life saver.

"I always try to get the word out. Our community should adopt instead of going through a breeder," Miller said. "If they adopt one they actually save two lives because they take one home and we can put another one in the kennel."

The humane society has a total of 64 cats and dogs and hopes they can find them forever homes this month. Their dog adoption fee is $110.

This takes care of everything the dog needs before he goes home.

Animal services adoption fee is $50 but the person adopting is responsible for having the dog spayed or neutered.