Mosquitoes on the rise in Texoma

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - 100 West Nile cases have been reported in Texas as of Oct. 5, 2017.

Environmental Health Administrator, Susan Morris said this is the time of year West Nile typically spreads.

"We haven't identified West Nile Virus this year in any of our mosquito traps, but we've had it in past years," Morris said. "So that doesn't mean we don't have it. We just haven't identified it, and it is typically a late season disease so just be aware of that possibility."

Mosquitoes are on the rise after all the rain we have received.

"The mosquitoes love the rain because they have a lot of water and places to breed," Morris said.

She says the city is planning to take action.

"We're going to attempt to put some trucks out and spray this evening in some areas where we've had some problems and some issues and maybe some areas where the public may be gathering this weekend

The wet weather pattern makes it difficult to spray.

"Every time we go out to treat for mosquitoes it either starts raining or the wind is blowing," Morris said.

More rain will wash away the treatment and allow the mosquitoes to continue breeding, but soon the weather will be too cool for mosquitoes to be active.

"When the days become shorter and the nights become cooler our mosquito season stops. Typically, our mosquito season is daylight savings time," Morris said.