WF woman selling blankets for Vegas victims

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Investigators are working tirelessly to figure out why a gunman opened fire on a crowd of concert-goers in Las Vegas.

Answers that investigators say they owe to the victims and their families who are trying to heal.

A process that a woman from Vegas, whose husband is stationed at Sheppard Air Force Base, is trying to help with by doing what she can.

Poppy Ayivorh is now turning her passion, into compassion for those impacted by this tragedy.

Ayivorh has an incredible talent for creating and watched the horror in her hometown unfold just like the rest of us. She said she felt helpless, but
even though she is more than a thousand miles away, she came up with a way to show her support.

She is now making blankets to sell. 100-percent of the proceeds are going to the shooting victims.

"I really wanted to help the people in Las Vegas because you know I grew up there," said Ayivorh. "It's really heartbreaking that's my town, that's where I grew up, that's my streets, my people, my community."

She said something like this is sad, no matter where it happens.

"But it just hits home because it's everything I know," Ayivorh.

She lived in Vegas for about 17 years, a place she still feels strongly connected to and desperate to help.

"I feel so helpless here like I can't-do anything," she said. "So, I figured I'd sell as many blankets as I can and get all that money to them."

The blankets are custom made and come in three sizes.

Those who want to donate can choose their own fabric or a Las Vegas one. The pattern that started it all.

"My sister asked me if I could make one with a Las Vegas print on it for her," said Ayivorh. "Then it popped into my head that hey I can sell Las Vegas blankets for people who want to help donate."

All the funds raised from the sales from October 6 to October 13 will go to the National Compassion Fund.

She said the reason she chose this charity is because it gives the money directly to the victims.

Small blankets are $80, medium blankets are $100 and large blankets are $120.

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Ayivorh adds she has a cousin that planned on going to the concert that night. While she decided not to, the two friends she would have gone with were both shot. Thankfully both of them are doing okay as they continue to recover.

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