Operation Thanksgiving celebrating 40 years

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Thanksgiving is a little over one month away and the folks at Sheppard Air Force Base are asking for your help.

Operation Thanksgiving is a program that is run through Sheppard, where the community brings airmen into their homes for a Thanksgiving meal.

Airmen have been spending Thanksgiving in homes of the Texoma community for 40 years.

Cherry Quevy is one of the people opening her home.

She comes from a military family...

Quevy knows how hard it can be for airmen in training during the holidays.

Which is why she is taking part in Operation Thanksgiving.

In 2016, she and her family were assigned three airmen, but didn't turn away some extras.

"We were blessed to host maybe about seven or eight of them," said Quevy.

Quevy and her family are not the only ones taking part in this project.

Families all across Texoma open their homes to airmen, every year.

Captain Carlos Ramos is amazed to see.

"They don't know each other," said Captain Ramos, a Chaplin at the base and coordinator for the project.  "That's the first time probably that they've met, but it's wonderful how the community opened the doors and say 'hey you're welcome'.  They just go to the homes and have that beautiful meal and they spend time together and they have an awesome awesome gathering that day."

Operation Thanksgiving provides more than a meal.

In Quevy's family, it gives her a chance build a connection with airmen stationed at Sheppard.

"We eat food and they hang out with each other," said Quevy.  "We get to know more about them they tell us about where they are from and why they joined the military and what they look forward to the most."

Ramos hopes that this project will let the men and women at Sheppard feel at home no matter how far away they my be.

"It gives them a chance to be here even though they are so far away from home which for me is outstanding and to be apart of that is a blessing," said Ramos.

"They learn from us and we learn from them," said Quevy.  "We get to fellowship together and build a bond and they will always remember coming through Wichita Falls at Sheppard Air Force base and the families they got to meet and who welcomed them into their home."

Registration for operation starts Tuesday, October 10.

For information on how to sign up, call 940-676-0014.

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