Neighbors remember murder victim Madonna McLellan

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - As investigators work to find answers in the murder and apparent suicide of a Wichita Falls mother and son, neighbors are remembering the victim, Madonna McLellan.

Rachel Papaelias, McLellan's neighbor, said McLellan was a kind, women.

"It's a sad thing.  She was a good lady," Papaelias said.  "It's a sad thing that happened to her."

McLellan's body was found inside her home last Wednesday on Thomas Avenue.

Police said she was killed.  They won't say how only telling us that she died after a traumatic injury.  On Friday morning, her 42-year-old son, Damon McLellan was named a person of interest.

That afternoon, police said he shot himself in the head when officers tried to approach him in a park near Miller Road and Peach Tree Lane.

Madonna McLellan's neighbor said she would always see her working on her yard.

"Cold weather or hot weather she would be out there always picking weeds and messing with her flowers.  She would put flowers that would survive out there, but that seems to be the one thing she enjoyed doing the most," Papaelias said.

McLellan once told her she wanted to sell her house and move to California.

"She and her husband wanted to go and spend time with their grandkids.  I wish she would've had the opportunity to do that," Papaelias said.

Papaelias described McLellan as a good-hearted woman who cared for others.

"She was retired, but she was doing part-time sitting with elderly people.  She's an elderly lady herself, but she managed to get up and do that," Papaelias said.

The investigation is still ongoing, but neighbors said family members from Amarillo and California are expected in town Monday evening.

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