Downtown coffee shops becoming more prevalent


WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Coffee shops have become a popular and successful part of downtown Wichita Falls and another is coming to the area.

"I guess we're going to be the coffee district," Owner of 8th Street Coffee, Jen Amador said.

In early 2018, Hook and Ladder Coffee plans to expand and open their doors at 616 7th Street.

"Coffee is the thing," Amador said. "It just is. And being in a kind of cool, hip downtown area is the thing right now."

That's one reason why Wichita Falls Fire Chief Jon Reese and retired firefighter Bill Weske are expanding to the area.

"We're excited about the downtown area and proud to be down here amongst other folks that are here doing what we're doing," Weske said.

The addition means three coffee shops in the Central Business District. In fact, all three will be within a two block radius.

Downtown Wichita Falls Development's Jeanette Charos thinks it will only help business.

"It's kind of different than getting five chain restaurants across town," she said. "They each are going to offer something different."

Charos said 8th Street Coffee serves breakfast and lunch, Odd Duck Coffee focuses on roasting their own coffee, and Hook & Ladder Coffee Co. will roast coffee and have a small winery.

She believes they will bring more people to downtown and increase business. Amador agrees.

"We're all doing our own thing," Amador said. It's all completely different. So I think we will be fine."

The businesses aren't looking at it as competition, but instead a community effort.

"We're all working together because we all want the best for downtown," Charos said. "So as far as competition, it's just how can we find ways to help each other out."

Hook & Ladder won't be a place where you go to get a cup of coffee and hang out on the couch. They will distribute a majority of their coffee.

But they will have times where people can come in and sample their latest brewed drinks.

8th Street Coffee currently carries Hook & Ladder's Coffee and will continue to once they open one block over.

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