Security renovations coming to WFISD

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Wichita Falls ISD schools are getting some renovations to make them safer and more secure.

The upgrades are being funded by a $59.5 million school bond voters passed two years ago.

The renovations include putting a secured entrance at the door where with just a flip of a switch the doors lock and open.

The secured door is the only entrance into the building after 8:30 a.m. when every other door gets locked.

"Our goal is to get people to come in through the front door to get checked in," Brady Woolsey WFISD Executive Director of Operations.

It starts with showing identification when a visitor enters the building at the secured entrance, they are then given a badge to wear and ushered to where you need to go.

"This allows us the opportunity to manage the flow of the public inside the school make sure they're supposed to be there," Woolsey said."

It is the second phase of renovations to seven WFISD schools. A security camera surveillance system will also be installed in the schools where school principals can monitor the entire campus from their office.

The renovations will cost $500,000 part of the almost $60,000,000 May 2015 school bond which funded the Career and Technical Educational Center.

Zundy Elementary has several of the renovations already in place.

Tommy Gonzales, a father of two kids at the elementary, said he wishes the security systems were in place when he was a boy.

"When I was a kid you go to any door, get in and show up in the office," Gonzales said.

Gonzales said he tries to have lunch with his sons whenever he has the opportunity. He said going through the extra steps to get inside the building may be inconvenient but it is worth it.

"I think it's a great idea," Gonzales said. "They get to know you better as a parent as someone as someone who comes to school on a daily basis with them."

The renovations are expected to be completed by December of this year.

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