WFHRMA hosts active shooter awareness seminar

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - HR managers went back to work Tuesday afternoon knowing exactly what to do during an active shooting situation.

The Wichita Falls Human Resource Management Association hosted an active shooter awareness seminar Tuesday morning.

The purpose of this meeting was for HR managers to learn what to do if they find themselves in the middle of an active shooter situation.

"We try every year to do programs that are meaningful to the everyday lives of our HR managers," 2017 WFHRMA President, Don Swift, said.

Run, hide, and Fight is the three key words that stood out the most to all the HR managers after watching a short video demonstrating what civilians should do in that situation.

The MSU Police Chief, Patrick Coggins, reminded everyone how important it is to remain calm and follow instructions once law enforcement arrives at the scene.

"They should know the law enforcement primary effort and focus at the point of the arrival is going to be stopping the killing," Chief Coggins said.

Chief Coggins said according to a 2014 FBI study, between 2000 and 2013, schools were the second targeted area.

MSU students, Justin Pitts and Cindy Reyes, both said if they were in that situation, they would run.

"If there was an active shooter on campus I would run and try to find a safe spot to go," Pitts said.

"Most likely if I had the opportunity to see an exit door I would leave," Reyes said.

MSU has a notification system that alerts students faculty and staff during an emergency and a safety app with steps to take when there is an emergency situation.

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