WFISD students renovate toy castle for Fantasy of Lights

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A  group of WFISD students at the new Career Education Center is putting their skills to use by renovating a display showcased in MSU-Burns Fantasy of Lights.

The group accepted the challenge last year to rebuild the toy castle.

Scott Little, the CEC construction technology instructor, said the students were excited when they discovered what project they were working on this year.

"We have completely re-engineered the castle this year," Little said. "It used to be really narrow and now we have made it look like a castle so we are pretty excited."

Students like, Jesus Martinez, enjoy working on projects like these because it prepares them for their future.

"It has always been a dream for me to build houses because my family has done it and it is just a natural environment for me," Martinez said.

The toy castle is one of the original displays that was showcased on the Burns family lawn.

Beau Cook, who is also working on the project, said he enjoys working on projects that will bring joy to the community.

"It makes me happy knowing that I'm doing something for the community that is going to give multiple people a smile and something to enjoy with their kids," Cook said.

Opening night for MSU-Burns Fantasy of Lights is set for November 20th at MSU.

A total of 38 displays are expected to be set up this year and 3 of them will be new.

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