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Much cooler and still windy

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Last night's cold front really cranked up the wind speed. Even though the front is far south form here, and any chance for rain is gone, we are still seeing very strong northerly winds. Wind gusts were above 40 mph last night and we are still seeing gusts above 30 mph at times. Montague, Jack, and Young county are under a wind advisory until 11 a.m. this morning. These winds could blow around light weight and high profile vehicles on the roadways. Keep that in mind if you are headed toward the DFW area. Bodies of water will be extremely choppy. The strong north winds have caused a real dip in our temperatures. right now we are about 16 degrees cooler than yesterday. This afternoon we will be about 23 degrees cooler than yesterday. Saturday's high temperature was 91 degrees. Today we are going to stay in the upper 60s. Overnight tonight lows will drop near 40 degrees. It will likely be the coolest night of the year so far. The week ahead will be the most fall like week we have seen with temperatures not too far from the average high of 77 degrees. 

- Carly Smith, First Alert Meteorologist

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