Councilor At-Large Profile: Brendan Bell

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Brendan Bell was born and raised in Wichita Falls and is a graduate of the University of Texas.

"Coming back there are changes happening," Bell said. "People are excited about living here and it took me some time to get there. But that's what I'm all about. I just want people to love where they're at, love where they live."

He's one of the leaders of Shaaf and Clark Commercial and Domain Real Estate, where he pushes downtown investment.

"Giving new life to old buildings, I love that," Bell said. "There's an opportunity here to do it. So it's been a cool opportunity to take part in that."

Bell is running for City Councilor At-Large because he thinks he can get people excited about living in Wichita Falls.

One way he wants to do that is help revitalize downtown and bring it a full-service hotel and conference center.

"If you go to a conference in Fort Worth, you stay at your hotel and walk across the street and go to your conference," Bell said. "Then you leave for lunch, eat in the area, may go see a show or listen to music at night. Then go get dinner and go back to your hotel.

"It's all centered in one area and I think we've got to get that to remain competitive for conferences and events at the MPEC," he added.

Bell also believes Wichita Falls has room to grow and be a strong college town.

"We're two hours from everywhere," he said. "There's no reason why we can't be a vibrant college town. And I think Vernon College and Midwestern State are primed to grow."

Bell wants young professionals to not be afraid to start a business in Wichita Falls, and others to enjoy where they live.

"I think it's a blank canvas," Bell said. "I really do. It's a blank canvas for people to find life, live it, and enjoy where they're at."

If Bell wins, the entire city council will be under 40 years old. He believes youthful, positive, innovative ideas are what the city needs to grow.

Charles Barr, Penny Miller, and Bobby Whiteley are also running for City Councilor At-Large. The election will be held November 7.

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