Foodies swarm WF for food truck festival

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Foodies rejoiced after tasting the best flavors of the Southwest in the second annual Falls Town Food Truck Challenge and Festival in Wichita Falls.

This food truck challenge may still be in its infant stage but word of mouth is spreading faster than the foodies can clean their plates.

The orders were coming in hot and fast and the food came out that way too. You know it is hot when it melts the plastic fork.

The consensus of the taste among many food truck lovers was 'amazing.'

More than 30 vendors were trying to wow thousands of foodies with creative meals and creative techniques, some even used torches.

They pulled all the stops to win the $5,000 grand prize.

Some food truck vendors traveled from Dallas like Spin Sushi. They are trying to win the money to invest in a new restaurant. The owner said seeing food lovers enjoy their Asian fusion meals is a prize for them too.

Others did not travel too far, like Wichita Falls food truck Red River Roadhouse. It was their second year participating.

"People come back for funnel cakes. people come back for the barbecue," Hunter Jones said. "Everybody remembers us and they come back wanting more. we're just trying to get ourselves out there."

Last year's attendance was more than 15,000 and this year's looked even bigger.

"I have no idea. there are a ton of people here," Becky Raeke a member of Downtown Lions club said. "We had a bunch of people show up early like 10:45 a.m. right before things are getting going. People are excited about it and they just want to be downtown."

The money raised from the event will go to fund downtown Wichita Falls projects.

Gypsy Kit was the grand prize winner for this year.

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