Texoma McDonald's introduce kiosks & table service

BURKBURNETT, TX (KAUZ) - McDonald's is welcoming a self-service kiosk that allows its customers to place their orders by a click of a button.

Carlos Torres, a McDonald's employee, said he likes the kiosk because it gives them the opportunity to interact with their customers.

"It reduces wait time," Torres said. "We get the food out quickly already but with the kiosk we do it ten times faster than usual."

Kathy Holland, the McDonald's supervisor, said the kiosk is not the only new thing for this burger company.

"We have table service now," Holland said. "It is a new way for us to be more customer service oriented."

Anyone who is dining in gets a number with a chip inside. The chip then guides the server to their table when their food is ready.

Although the kiosk allows the customers to place orders on their own this does not eliminate crew members.

"It is a way for us to be able to have more or the same amount of crews we have now but yet be able to take care of the customers in a more productive way," Holland said.

This service is also available in McDonald's on Southwest Parkway and McNiel.

According to McDonald's web page, the new customer experience has been rolled out to more than 500 restaurants in the United States.

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