New boxing gym hopes to help Texoma kids

DUNCAN, OK (KAUZ) - A former MMA fighter in Duncan opened his own gym and is hoping to inspire, motivate and challenge kids and families in the community.

Dagan McCann was an MMA fighter for about 12 years. He won many awards throughout his career, but his ultimate goal was to open his own gym and train others.

It's called Texoma Combat Sports.

"I feel empowered," said Kerry Hill, member of the gym. "I feel like I can do more than how I felt when I walked in the door"

Kerry Hill ends each day Texoma Combat Sports. He says it's a good stress reliever and he leaves feeling confident.

"It gives me a mission every day," said Hill. "It makes me feel like I have a purpose with my life instead of just being on the internet or tv everyday. Just something to make me want to strive for and have goals for life."

McCann says there's a lot of talent in Southwest Oklahoma and he wants to pass down his skills to the youth.

"For USA Boxing, it starts at 8 years old," said McCann. "We're getting them in a couple years before and get them trained up. USA Boxing is how you make it into the Olympics, Junior Olympics and things like that."

David Proctor, a lifelong friend of McCann's and the head boxing trainer at the gym says it's rewarding watching the people grow every day.

"I enjoy the look on everybody's face when they leave sore they are or how much they enjoyed it even though they are sore or how much better they feel," said Proctor.

He says keeping kids off the streets and giving kids a place who may not be involved in other sports a place to come and be active is the goal. This sport actually saved Proctors life.

"I was a troubled young youth also," said Proctor. "I found boxing in Lawton and started there and boxed there for about 15 years and it really changed my life and got me away from a lot of trouble."

Hill says you won't be disappointed with how you feel or what you take away from each session

"If you want to keep your kids off the streets and you want to have somewhere to find a focus for yourself in life, you can find it here," said Proctor.

If you or someone you know is interested in taking classes or joining Texoma Combat Sports, you can find more information on their Facebook page.

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