Resident wants city leaders to consider anti-hate proclamation

Anti-hate Proclamation
Anti-hate Proclamation

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - One Wichita Falls resident wants the city council to pass a resolution condemning the actions following the Charlottesville attacks.

In August, Newschannel 6 reported about Gene Newton and his efforts to get signatures on a proclamation he created and give it to Mayor Stephen Santellana.

At Tuesday's city council meeting he expressed his concerns about not being heard and read his proclamation to all the councilors and staff.

"I knew ideas existed that were negative to different folks in our nation," Newton said. "But I had never seen people openly shout those things."

"I consider myself to be a Wichitan, Texan, and an American," Mayor Santellana said. "Regardless of my race, creed, culture, nature, religion. When we start thinking in rounds of that, that we're all Americans, I think we can press forward."

"We're public policy people and that's what we got elected to do," Mayor Santellana added. "We all have opinions on all of those social issues. But sometimes we can't bring those things to light when sitting up here at the dais. What we need to do is really focus on the public policy."

Mayor Santellana said he's happy there are people like Gene Newton who are passionate about these issues.

He added the events in Charlottesville shook a lot of people to the core and he does not want like that to happen in Wichita Falls. For a link to the original story, click here.

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