Robert Seabury named 2017 Legend of North TX

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A man who helped bring the history of aviation and the military in Wichita falls to life with the Jenny to Jet Exhibit now has another accomplishment to add to his resume.

Tuesday night Robert Seabury was named the 2017 Legend of North Texas.

Those who came out to the Kemp Center for the Arts where the event was being held by the Museum of North Texas, said Seabury is deserving of the honor. One that is reserved for those who have had a huge impact on preserving the history of the city.

Leanne Ray, the Museum's curator, said it was a no-brainer picking Seabury.

She adds he not only saved one of the last flyable Jenny aircrafts but brought it to Wichita Falls, a place where pilots trained on planes like that at Call Field back in the day.

Seabury said he does it all out of love.

"I love Wichita Falls and when you love something you want to do things for it and never even give it a second thought," said Seabury. "Anything to improve the city, I want to be a part of that."

Many got up to say some kind words and share memories of Seabury and his work.

A painting was also auctioned off and the proceeds are going to the Museum of North Texas.

When asked how he feels about all the people coming out to celebrate his hard work, Seabury said he knew his wife would come, and that is the only one he said he was sure of.

Only two other men share this honor with Seabury, and that is Joe Tom White and Nat Fleming, the owner of the cow lot.

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