Businesses and residents react to Brook Ave. robberies

Family Dollar
Family Dollar

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Eddie Marinez has lived on Victory Avenue, right off Brook Avenue, since 2004.

"It's always been one of the places where people like to go because it's peaceful and quiet," Marinez said.

He loves his neighborhood, the people he lives around and has never had any issues with crime.

But a pair of robberies along Brook has some concerned. The first robbery happened at the Family Dollar near 9th and Brook, then two hours later at Abel General Store near Ardath.

Marinez said everyone on the street looks out for one another.

"All the neighbors, we all have each others cell phone numbers and house numbers," he said. "And if we hear something or know of something, we contact each other and let each other know."

Tiffany Alford owns Tiffany's Salon, right by the general store. She said her business has been on Brook for two years.

"We haven't had any issues at all since we've been here," Alford said.

They have measures in place to make sure the store and employees are safe.

"We have a good security system and we're always in groups," she added. "We are never here by ourselves. So we feel pretty safe."

Alford said she likes the neighborhood and all of her clients are great.

"It's just a unique neighborhood and we are a unique salon," Alford said. "We love having new people and have a lot of good traffic in this area. It's benefited us very well."

Marinez encourages people to say something if they see something so their experience is just as good as his.

"If you see something that doesn't look right, a vehicle you don't recognize, or people acting suspicious, you should contact your local law enforcement agencies so they can come and check it out."

Wichita Falls police are looking for suspects in both robberies. At this point, they don't believe they're connected.

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