WFISD working to decrease turnover

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Wichita Falls ISD is working to decrease teacher turnover.

Associate Superintendent, Peter Griffiths wants to keep teachers.

The district is recruiting and retaining  teachers by raising their pay.

This is something the district has been doing the last few years to get teachers to come to WFISD and stay.

They hope this will be one of the ways to decrease the turnover.

"We do live in Wichita Falls," said Griffiths.  "We're about two hours from the Metroplex or Oklahoma City.  Our job is to keep our staff here.  The better we keep our staff here the better retention and the programs we do can be consistent."

One reason why teachers leave is for better opportunity.

"We know that some teachers have left their campus cause maybe they weren't being challenged enough and they wanted to find something a little more rewarding," said Griffiths.

Like working in Dallas, Ft. Worth, a problem Griffiths wanted to change.

"Our idea is that when we go out recruiting, target people and say 'hey this is great place and want to raise your kids this is a wonderful place,'" said Griffiths.  "It can be kind of tricky but once we get them here people end up saying yeah we want to stay here."

Right now, the district's teacher turnover rate sits at 14.9%, 1.5% lower than the state average.

To make this number even lower, the district is adding  a new policy that assigns teachers to a campus for three years.

"A new teacher would come in from college and stay on campus for a year and then they would transfer to another campus," said Griffiths.  "That would just lose consistency."

Another way to recruit is by hosting job fairs.

Cheri West teaches math and science at Southern Hills elementary.

She's  been at the school for three years, a job she loves so much she's  helping bring in more teachers to WFISD, by selling the benefits to potential recruits.

"We were at the country club last year we were at several different facilities teachers and principals all alike go to those and represent WFISD," said West.

Megan Scroggins teaches reading on the same campus.

She believes networking with other districts may help generate recruiting ideas.

"Continued support at all levels reaching out to other districts of our size and see what they are doing to be innovative in our size district," said Scroggins.

Another way the district is working to keep teachers is by building stronger relationships.

Griffiths adds keeping the work environment enjoyable for educators is essential.

This is all a part of the districts overall improvement plan.

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