WSC employees publish 'Why Bullying?' book

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A corporation that employs people with disabilities also empowers them through writing books.

25 Work Services Corporation employees signed copies of their second book called 'Why Bullying?' on Friday afternoon.

"The purpose of this particular book is to make people (more) aware of bullying and the signs of it," author Mark Perdue said.

Perdue and the other authors shared their own personal stories of being bullied and how it made them feel.

"These folks have been bullied and told (...) they are not worth as much as others which is absolutely not true. And I think when they do something and produce this they really get a lot of self-esteem from it and it makes them feel good," WSC CEO David Toogood said.

This is the third project produced by the Work Services Corporation Advocacy Group.

The group began six years ago and has published two books and one video that raise awareness about issues people with disabilities can face and also the many things people with disabilities are capable of despite their handicap.

'Don't Say the R Word' and 'I Can' were projects put together by the WSC employees.

'Why Bullying' is a third venture the employees and public can be very proud of.

"It felt so good (to write this), it felt really good," author Faith Andrade said.

'Why Bullying' is a free book and can be picked up at the WSC 1343 Hatton Road in Wichita Falls or you can place an order by sending an email to

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