Message of empowerment given at "Celebrating Women Luncheon"

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - It is a message of encouragement, empowerment, and celebration.

"We're celebrating the power,  and the awesomeness of women," said CEO and President of United Regional Health Services.

Saturday, United Regional hosted their second "Celebrating Women's Luncheon," with the special guest, Samantha Harris.

She is long time television host, Broadway star, author, mother, and cancer survivor.

"We do so much as women especially as moms," said Harris.  "We are always the ones who are juggling and carrying the load, and I really think we get under appreciated so to have a luncheon that celebrates women celebrates our strength and our ability to really just do it all, because we have to."

In 2014, Harris was diagnosed with breast cancer, 4 months after finding a lump.

When she was recovering from a double mastectomy, she got the idea of the campaign "Gotta make lemonade."

"Gotta make lemonade is a site that inspires positivity in the face of adversity and no matter what hand you are delt in life," said Harris.  "A cancer diagnosis, being fired from a job, a relationship that ends poorly, and not just about getting knocked down but when you get back up and turning it into something better."

Harris is sharing her story so that more women would become more aware of their own health.

This is a message Cowling agrees with and why proceeds from today will go toward a mammogram fund for the hospital.

"Celebrating and educating women about health care decisions that impact their own bodies and their own lives and also the ones who they love," said Cowling.

Mary Sue Englund is a singer, songwriter, and author.

She and her friend Thom Shepard wrote the song "I am a woman."

"I just keep hoping to find more events that I can perform at and inspire and encourage," said Englund.  "It's a huge blessing."

Sametta Brown came to this event to build other women up.

"A lot of times women forget their worth and forget about each other's trials and tribulations," said Brown.  "So when we all come together and encourage each other and realize you know what you're really like me you've experienced some things and you've come through some things so it's really wonderful to come and celebrate with women."

Harris hopes today's message can inspire women, wherever they are in life.

"I hope that the ladies that are here for the celebrating women's luncheon are able to walk away with a sense of strength in life to no matter what knocks them down they can get back up they can fight they can turn it into something better and to become their own best health advocate," said Harris.

"Her going through shows us that we can go through as well," said Brown.  "When I say through I do not mean stay where we are.  We do not stay sad and that's why we're here to celebrate women."

Samantha Harris is coming out with a new book next year.

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