TPWD issues statement on accident that killed 3 Boy Scouts

LAKE O' THE PINES, TX (KAUZ) - The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department recently completed a report regarding a fatal sailboat accident that killed three East Texas Boy Scouts.

The accident occurred on Lake O' the Pines in August.

The report about the incident was prepared by Texas Game Wardens who responded to this incident and by the agency's statewide boating accident reconstruction and mapping team that handled the investigation.

According to the release, TPWD has received a request for a report from the media, but say there are specific laws about what information TPWD can release regarding accidents involving juveniles, and to whom that information can be released. TPWD says to ensure their compliance with these laws, they have requested an opinion from the Office of the Texas Attorney General.

The statement continues saying that according to previous opinions from the Texas Attorney General's office, state law prohibits TPWD from disclosing reports of accidents in which juveniles were seriously injured or killed other than to the parents of the accident victims and their legal representatives. When releasing reports of accidents involving multiple juveniles to the parents of one accident victim, TPWD must exclude certain information about the other juveniles involved.

An attorney for the family of one of the victims has requested the report regarding the Lake O' the Pines accident. TPWD says they are providing the report but will not include the confidential information about the other two juveniles.

A preliminary investigation by TPWD indicated that the vessel the boys were sailing on collided with an overhead transmission power line. Game wardens said it took only seconds to kill two boy scouts on the boat.

The three boys sailing the catamaran were ages 11, 16 and 18.

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