Have you checked your heater before winter?

Have you checked your heater before winter?

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - With cooler air and the start of winter just a few months away, it's time to go down the checklist to prepare for the cold. But have you thought about your heater? Local heat and air businesses are starting to get calls.

"We do this every single season because something could have happened since last winter. In this case, the heat exchanger is cracked. A cracked heat exchanger is a potentially deadly scenario," said heat and air technician Tony Russell.

This heater in a Wichita Falls home was emitting carbon monoxide into the rest of the house. Technicians from Mike Graham Heating and Air Conditioning and Plumbing were called out by the owner of the house after the owner said the heater wasn't working.

"CO (Carbon Monoxide) is a odorless and scary gas, it really is. We want to make sure, verify and confirm that everything is working properly on a gas furnace," said Michael Graham, owner of Mike Graham Heating and Air Conditioning and Plumbing in Burkburnett.

Now the owner is without heat until the unit can be replaced. Graham says that it's about 50/50 when it comes to gas vs electric heaters in the Wichita Falls area but they all need to be checked as we head into winter.

"There's a lot of checking that needs to be taken care of to make sure it's switching over to the heat cycle like it's supposed to and your heat strips are working like they're supposed to. It's better now than when it's 30 degrees outside," says Graham.

Graham says there are steps you can take to check the heater yourself.

"You need to make sure your filter is clean, check it first, turn your thermostat on, and make sure it seems to come on. If it doesn't heat or heat up the house, then that's when you need to have someone out there to check it," says Graham.

Graham says safety for you and your family is the first priority this winter and to install carbon monoxide monitors in your home. He also adds to not ignore them if they go off.

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