WF hoping to clean up city by selling parcels of land

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The city of Wichita Falls is working to sell run down and dilapidated properties. It's something done every year, but the city believes it's one way to clean up Wichita Falls.

They also do it every year to get them off the books. But regardless of why it's done, neighbors of one of the homes are happy about it.

Bonita Trevino has lived on North 8th Street in Wichita Falls for most of her life.

She likes her neighbors and enjoys the neighborhood, but believes thee are too many dilapidated and abandoned homes in the area.

"I want to see people living in all of these houses," Trevino said.

"People have moved out across the street and down the street," she added.

One of those houses is in the 1400 block of North 8th Street. It's the most expensive parcel of land that will be available to buyers.

All the empty homes are one reason why Wichita Falls is selling all the property; to clean up the city and it's neighborhoods.

Newschannel 6 talked to several other neighbors. They said they are happy to see the issue being addressed.

One neighbor said she won't let her kids play in the backyard because she doesn't want one of them being kidnapped and taken to one of the abandoned homes.

All the neighbors said it's a tight-knit group, but would love to see their neighborhood improved.

City leaders understand the frustration and hope the future buyers have in mind what's best for neighbors and the city.

On November 17 bids will be opened for all of the properties. They will be sold "as is" and at "buyer beware." Bid packets with information are available in the Wichita Falls Property Management Office for anyone interested in bidding on any of the properties.

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