Three years later family still mourning loved one

IOWA PARK, TX (KAUZ) - An Iowa Park family is celebrating their loved one, a teenager who took his own life three years ago.

Roxanne Jones said her 14-year-old son committed suicide after being bullied.

A giant poster on the family's front yard is helping them cope.

That poster used to hang on a billboard. It is part of a foundation to help stop bullying. Now, it is being used to celebrate her son.

"A mother's biggest fear is that her child is going to be forgotten," Jones said. "My worst fear is that my child is going to be forgotten."
Jones said she still struggles when October 26 approaches on the calendar. It is something she said she can only learn to live with.
"I don't sleep. I haven't slept all week because it's something you just don't get over. You don't move on."

The poster on her front lawn has signatures from family members, friends and anyone who wants to keep Tyler Andrew Garcia's, her son, memory alive. The candle sitting on a bench in front of the poster is only lit on the anniversary of his death.

"Kids just stopping to sign [it] makes me feel in my heart that he was not forgotten and he'll never be forgotten," Jones said.

She also said it hurts when she hears stories of children who suffered like her son.

"I thought in my mind what that father and mother are going through and the questions that they have."

She started the organization, T.A.G. You're It, to help those parents and stop bullying. It is named after Tyler using his initials and his face is on four billboards right now but she wants to add other bullying victims.

"This puts a face to bullying and that's one of our main goals to put a face to bullying," Jones said.

She is one of the co-writers of David's Law a bill named after a San Antonio teen, David Molak, who committed suicide last year. Jones said she feels strongly about the new law.

"It's to protect these children and it is against the law now to bully. I think this law could've saved my son's life."

The poster will stay in front of her home for everyone to sign until November 8, Tyler's birthday. He would have been 18 this year.

Another note from this story, Jones filed a civil lawsuit against the Iowa Park School District. She claimed school officials did not do enough to stop the bullying that caused her son to take his own life.

A settlement has been reached regarding that lawsuit and neither side is allowed to discuss the details.

If you would like to learn more about Tyler's story or donate to T.A.G. You're It, you can find more information on their Facebook page.

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