WFPD introduces trading cards

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The Wichita Falls Police Department has a new program aimed at building relationships with kids.

Trading cards are being passed out by officers to kids in Wichita Falls.

The cards have a photo of an officer in the front and a short bio and personal message on the back.

Timothy Johnson, WFPD Officer, said they started looking into this program about a year ago.

"We started the process by handing out biography forms for them to fill out and turn in and at that point we found the company to do the cards and we went from there," Johnson said.

Thanks to a grant from the James N. McCoy Foundation they were able to make it happen and now each officer in the police department has 500 personal trading cards to pass out.

The purpose of this program is to create positive interactions between police officers and children in the community.

"It creates an interaction to where the kids can come up and speak to the officer and introduce themselves," Johnson said.

The Crime Scene Unit and even a police motorcycle are part of the collection but the gold card goes to K-9 Turko for his unique smile in his picture.

"I think it's something good for the community and it's good for the officers and the police department," Johnson said.  "It puts a face to the name of the officers."

There are 202 different cards out there and to start a collection all you have to do is ask an officer when you see one.

The only thing officers ask is to avoid approaching an officer for a card when they are in the middle of an incident.

Cards can also be collected at the Wichita Falls Public Safety Training Center on Flood St.

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