Grants allow city to finish popular walking trail

One week after Wichita Falls added the latest mile to the circle trail, they announced the plans to finish the 26-mile trail around the city.

It's all thanks to three separate grants, totaling $5.4 million from the Texas Department of Transportation Set Aside Program.

The city first applied for the grants in April hoping to get money to help finish the circle trail project.

The grants will supply 80 percent of the funds needed.

The final parts will connect Loop 11 to Lucy Park, the area near the BNSF railroad, and the Lake Wichita spillway.

Executive director for the planning organization, Lin Barnett said Wichita Falls is excited to see this project finally be done.

It was started by longtime parks director and friend Jack Murphy.

"When we first started this we were considering ourselves lucky if we get one," said Barnett.  " When we found out we get all three, it was like winning the lottery.  We are very proud to be able to over time be able to complete the different sections."

This is not the first time for the city to be given the Transportation alternative grant from TxDOT.

In 2015, Wichita Falls got over $1 million to complete the circle trail from the Nature Bluff up to Loop 11.

The city has three years to use the grant money...

Lin Barnett said it will take at least two years to complete.

Wichita Falls still needs to come up with 20 percent of the money to finish.

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