3000 pounds of pecans shelled a day at Montz Pecan Company

CLAY COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - It is prime season for not only pecan pie, but the nut itself.

Tim Montz started harvest at the Montz Pecan Company in mid October and said it usually lasts through January.

"Right here we have about an 8000 tree orchard," Montz said. "We have some other orchards. Some younger than this place, some older, but we have about... 28 thousand trees all together on about 800 acres."

It takes a couple of shakes of the trees, once before the first hard Freeze, and once after. From the ground the nuts are collected, cleaned, dried, and loaded into large bags.

"We bring them into our shelling barn and we put them in 2000 pound sacks," Montz said. and then we hoist them up above a cracker and then they go down a cracking line."

Inside the machine assembly line the shell is separated from the meat.

"They go over to an inspection table for the final process," Montz said.

They are sent to his daughter's side of the organization at the Pecan Shed in Wichita Falls and Henrietta.

"So it's a family business and you know it's a lot of hard work and a lot of stress and we argue with each other a little bit about things," Montz said. "We get kind of short, but it's all a lot of fun and we all want to be here."

Tim Montz started planting his first Pecan Trees in 1985.

"Back when I was starting out young farming and all, trying to make a dollar, the price of wheat wasn't great, and cattle wasn't making a whole lot of money," Montz said. "I knew it took a while to get them in production, but I though if I could last it out after 7 or 8 years then maybe we'd start making some money."

Now he has a profitable business to pass to his son.

"I've been out here my whole life. This used to be a cotton field where I hoed cotton as a little kid. So it turned out a lot better than hoeing cotton," Montz said.

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