Texoma HS football fans fight cold temps


HOLLIDAY, TX (KAUZ) - While some may call temps in the forties freezing, Texoma football fans call it football weather.

Friday night the Holliday Eagles faced off against the Henrietta Bear Cats, and as the competition heated up on the field, blankets excitement and hot chocolate heated up the fans.

They say nothing will keep them from cheering on their hometown teams.

"It'll snow and we will be here," said Gyla Austin a Holliday fan. "I have a grandson playing JV. I haven't missed a game and they haven't lost a game this year."

Selinda and Michael Taylor have a daughter in the Henrietta band and said the weather does not change how much they love and support their Bearcats.

"All these kids have worked so hard," said Michael Taylor. "The boys on the field and then all the boys and girls in the band, and I just think that deserves our support no matter what the weather."

These diehard fans made their way to the field prepared.

"Well we layered," said Michael Taylor. "Couple shirts, thermal underwear, something to cover our ears."

Selinda Taylor also brought her grandmother's quilt and came equipped with gloves and ear muffs.

"We are good to go we will tough it out," said Michael Taylor.

Kailey Brown said it's especially important to bundle up the little ones.

"We don't want the babies to get sick, but we do want to come out and support the band and support the boys," said Brown.

When beanies, blankets and jackets are not enough, the concession stand helps out.

"We have coffee with several different flavors, we have creamer, and then we also have our hot chocolate bar with whip cream," said Shana Jackson, with the Holliday Athletic Booster Club.

She said they usually do not serve hot chocolate but this game night, they bought six pounds of mix and extra containers to store the warm beverages.

Fans say another trick to keeping warm is cheering.??

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